Septirage's Easy Persistantworld Template Initiative

Welcome to the main page of the "Septirage's Easy Persistentworld Template Initiative".
What is this SEPTI project ?

The SEPTI project is a project specifically designed for players of Neverwinter Nights 2 who want to create and run their own servers for the game.

The project aims to address two main challenges that players often face when setting up servers:

  • The time and effort that is required to set up a new server, which can be a tedious and repetitive process.
  • The technical skills and knowledge that are required to set up and run a server, which can be a barrier for some players who have great ideas but lack the necessary expertise.
To help players overcome these challenges, the SEPTI project provides a ready-to-run Persistent module that includes HAK packs, improved systems, and configurable options.
These features make it simple for players to create custom servers that perfectly fit their vision, regardless of their technical expertise.
With the SEPTI project, players can bring their unique server ideas to life with ease, making it the perfect solution for any player with a great idea for a NWN2 server.

The HAK "problem"

Let's be honest, a big majority of the hak content between different servers is common. The same tileset, the same creatures, the same items, etc. are often found on multiple servers.
This is completely normal, as these haks are great additions to the base game and it makes no sense to refuse to use them.
However, each server creates their own hak file (which implies that the same work is being done multiple times), and requires players to download them for each different server they connect to.

One suggestion for addressing this issue is to use a base of shared hak files.
These files could be hosted and maintained by the community, and used as a starting point for new servers.
This would allow new servers to quickly add a large amount of clean, verified content, and would also reduce the amount of content players need to download and the amount of disk space they need to use.
Additionally, for already-established servers, new players would have to download less new content, allowing them to quickly check out the server.
Established servers would also benefit from gaining access to the fixed and improved versions of common content without having to worry about maintaining it themselves.
Using shared hak files could also help to reduce bandwidth usage.

But what are the conditions for using shared hak files?

The main condition for using shared hak files is to not modify them.
It is recommended to use the server hosting the shared hak files as a provider to ensure that the correct versions are being used.
If you change the shared hak files and give them the same name, but with different content, each time someone connects to your module, the game will replace the "real" shared hak with your modified version, and vice versa on a server with the "real" shared hak.
This can cause confusion and difficulty for players.

But what if I want more content?

The shared hak files are intended to provide a base of common content that is shared by many or almost all servers.
You can still add other hak packs to your server to add more content on top of the shared hak files.

What if I don't want some of the shared hak content on my server, or if I want to use a modified version of a shared hak file?

If you don't want to use certain content from the Shared Hak file, simply don't add it to your server.
If you want to use a modified version of a file in one of the Shared Hak, it is recommended to create a new hak file with your modifications and add it to your server after the shared hak file.
This way, the game will use the content of your modified hak file when it has a choice between the two.

I'm not sure... What the point for all of this ?

  • For new servers: The shared HAK file base can save time and effort for new server administrators by providing a large amount of content that can be easily added to the server using clean HAK files that are already hosted and verified. This can help get a new server up and running more quickly and easily.
  • For player : Less downloaded content, less disk usage.
  • For already running server : New player will have to download less new content so can check your server quickly. Benefit from fixed and improved versions of base hak content without having to maintain or think about it. Save some bandwidth.

System, script, plugins

This pack offers a set of already integrated systems, using the latest versions of plugins and scripts.

Many servers that "grab content from the vault" struggle with a lack of consistency among their tools.
Some tools can perform actions A and B, but not C; others can perform actions A and C, but not B.
There is also a wide variety of different GUI designs, with each system using its own interface.
Some tools are not well-suited for use in PersistentWorld, as they may have multiplayer or security issues that need to be addressed.

In order to address these problems, we have chosen to distribute a set of complete systems.
Some of these systems are adapted from well-known vault systems, while others have been completely redesigned.
This ensures that all of the tools work together seamlessly and provide a consistent experience for players.

For new servers, this pack provides all of the basic systems you need to get started.
Simply take it all and you will have a fully functional server with advanced systems.
No scripting knowledge is required, and most systems can be customized using simple config files.

For established servers, you may want to consider adding some of these systems to your server to expand your capabilities or improve upon what you already have.

Starting a New Server

Starting a new server can be an exciting project, but it can also be a bit overwhelming if you're not sure what steps to take. Here's a guide to help you get started:

  1. Download the complete pack here.
  2. Install the pack and read through the accompanying documentation for guidance.
  3. Plan out the details of your server, including rules, world, and characters.
  4. Create any custom areas or other specific content for your server.
  5. If you want to add additional scripts, do so at this time.
  6. Configure the server settings to your liking using the config files.
  7. Make your server live and available to players.
  8. Sit back and enjoy running your own server!