Septirage's Easy Persistantworld Template Initiative


This DLL is divided into two main parts that may be released separately in future updates.
  • The first part manages lists of appearances, primarily for items but also for hair and faces.
  • The second part offers a diverse set of options for accessing and manipulating all in-game objects.

The first part is a list management system for the appearance of in-game items, hair and faces.
The plugin scans your hak and zip files to create the list automatically and provides functions to easily access and manage the lists.
You can rename, split, or merge categories as desired.
For example, you can create a "mage's robe" category containing a variety of different aspects from different sources.
The plugin provides:

  • Automatically scans your hak/zip files to find and add available aspects to the lists.
  • Allows customization of the categorization of aspects, such as creating a "Mage Robe" category containing various individual aspects from different sources.
  • Provides easy access to the maintained list without requiring manual maintenance.

The second part of the plugin provides new or improved access to game objects through scripts.
It aims to give you the possibility to do through scripts everything that can be done with the Toolset.
The following is a list of the features currently available:

  • Item
    • Get/Set all the aesthetic parts of an item, such as visual variation, type, armor parts, colors and UV Scroll
    • Get/Set item type, allowing you to change any object into any other type, for example, transforming a sword into an axe.
    • Get/Set item description, including non-identified description.

    • Refresh item function that allows you to immediately see the changes made to the item without having to move it in inventory, unequip/reequip it, etc.
    • It will help you to fix the belt issue !
  • Area
    • Get/Set all the option of the Day/Night cycle.
    • img of DNC options available
      All of those can be Get/Set
      Note that the changes made with the function will only be visible to the player after they reload the area. (enter on it after the change)
  • Light
    • Get/Set Almost all the options
    • (please not that those function are not yet extensivly tested. Thanks for those who will provide feadback) Note : Most of the changes made with the functions will only be visible to the player after they reload the area containing the affected Light. (enter on it after the change)
  • Creature
    • You can now Set the saving throw for creature too !
    • Get/Set "Do not show helm" option
    • Highly customizable AC change (get/set all types of AC: armor, deflection, dodge, natural, shield, and unarmored)
    • Really change the gender
  • Door
    • Add/remove/change transitions (destination and type)
    • Get/Set the autoremoveKey option
    • Get/set appearance
    • Get/Set Load Screen Id
    • Get/Set Trap Type
    • Get/Set Is Door Trapped option
  • Placeable
    • Add/remove/change transitions (destination and type)
    • Get/Set the AutoRemoveKey option
    • Get/Set color
    • Get/Set UV Scroll options
    • Get/Set Has Inventory
    • Get/Set Inventory Max Size (for now : can't be bigger than 136 slots)
    • Switch Inventory between two placeable
  • Common (Creature, placeable, Door)
    • Get/Set current and maximum HP, as well as temporary HP
    • Get/Set Appareance SEF (also applies to items)
    • (Be carrefull with the App SEF function for now. Try to apply a SEF to an object who can't handle it will crash the server. Will be patched in the future)
  • Other Functions
    • Set Day/Night/Battle Music for a specific player
    • Start/Stop the Background/Battle Music for a specific player
    • (These functions have similar effects to the MusicBackgroundChangeDay/Night, MusicBackgroundPlay/Stop and MusicBattle functions, but apply to only one player.)

Esthetical Craft / Tailor (link)

  • To continue adding more get/set functions, in order to allow In-Game changes for everything that can be changed in the Toolset.
  • Improving the refresh function, allowing different players to see different things (such as "true form" of a demon or ghosts that can only be seen by spirits), hallucinations, etc.
  • Adding more refresh functions to allow changes to be immediately visible without requiring an area reload.

  • Allowing adding the same appaearance to several categories.
  • Speeding up the scanning time.

  • Grab the plugin here (current version : 1.12)


This dll allow to make some operation on the messages received by the server from clients. It's mostly used by Heimdall, but it also allow other plugin to easily plug themself on the message reception, made their operations and choose if the message should be dropped or transfered to the server.

  • More possibility for panels spawned by login systems
  • More management of exchange between client and Server. For specific autodownload for example.

  • Grab the plugin here (current version : 1.0)