Septirage's Easy Persistantworld Template Initiative

Released Systems

Heimdall (An improved login system)

With Heimdall, secure your server access with a mighty guardian!
The Heimdall System will adds an additional authentication prompt before players can view the character list or create a new character.

You can write and choose which script to use for determining if a player's connection is acceptable or not, such as an internal login/password system or linking with a forum.

The system also ensures that no further communication takes place between the client and server before the connection is confirmed. This means that no one can access a player's account or character list without proper authorization.

In short, Heimdall is a robust security system that provides an extra layer of protection for your server and gives you the ability to control who can access it.

Key features :
  • Add a new authentification prompt who secure account access, even the charlist.
  • You can send a welcome prompt to the new players
  • Remember Me option
  • Link the system to any secure function you already have. Or even to an external one.

  • xp_bugfix.dll (version 1.74 or greater)
  • xp_msgServer.dll

Tailoring Smooth System

The Tailor Smooth System is an complete system that allow player to customize their outfit.
Key features :

  • A smooth and quick GUI to choose your new outfit.
  • Previsualisation on a dummy, you can also choose to preview for other gender/races
  • It change the item itself : no duplication, no unequip-reequip, you can change a buffed armor without any fear or loss.
  • You have bracer and want to view them? It will allow you to offer a conversion for your player.
  • Linked with the AM plugin, you can access to all the appearance in your mod without maintain lists.
  • Admin/DM GUI to maintain, rename, sort those lists.
  • More to come

  • With the TSS complete Pack
    • Download and extract the file.
    • Put the content of the directory "xp_AppearanceManager" in your nwnx4 folder
    • Put the content of "TailorSmoothSystem/Add_ToHak" in your Override folder or put the content of the two subdirectory in a hak file linked to you module
    • Add the blueprint and the nwnScripts files to your module
  • How to configure and make it available?
    • You will first need to configure xp_AspectManager
    • Warning : As this system use Sept_lib_base_script, be sure to edit the function "string GetPCUid(object )" with your own UID system.
    • To make it available, just put a "mannequin" where you want. That's all. The Player and DM can talk to him
    • See the Admin/User Guide for the configuration and needed changes

Upcoming Systems

Hermes - A system for DMs (Rapid, simultaneous and selective messenger)

The Hermes System is a system to provide the DM a easy way to send differents message to subgroups of player.
For exemple, you can choose to send a message only to the PC that have made a successfull perception roll. And another specific for the dwarf one. All of those in the same time. Without need of retyping, avoiding risk of mistake and delay between information. Key features :

  • Prepare differents messages and send them to different player simultaneously
  • Prepare condition on race, class, skill, roll, ... for send or not a message
  • Create group of PC and name them (some information that only the traitors can see?)
  • Save and load configurations

  • Net yet available

Ptah (Persistent Tool for Amazing History)

With Ptah, DMs can easily and efficiently prepare their events and scenarios by placing all game object (creatures, placeables, light, special effects...) edit and move them in advance. The name Ptah is inspired by the Egyptian god who was revered as the patron of craftsmen, builders, and artists. As the name suggests, Ptah is inspired by the Egyptian god of craftsmanship, Ptah, who was revered for his ability to create and shape the world around him. Similarly, it is our hope that Ptah will help you in crafting memorable experiences within your server. So whether you're a seasoned DM or just getting started, Ptah is the tool you need to prepare your animations as easily as possible.

Key features :
  • Interface easy to use and understand
  • Advanced placement option
  • Advanced configuration on different object
  • Prepare your event on a clone area. Only accessible to you, so no spoil is possible.
  • Save and load your preparation on the base area or on a specified clone, allowing the same area to be used at the same time for different purposes.

Short video from an Alpha version of Ptah system.